"Take Five" Q&A with Damion Reid!

Q1: What's the best music gear or app purchase you've made recently?

Best purchase I made recently, was a bass drum hoop protector by Drum N Bass.


Q2: What's your funniest or worst gig story? 

I was in middle school and I was asked to participate in a school talent show.  There was a house drum-kit that I was told to play.  When my name was called I went to the drum-kit to play with a band made up of professionals.  The tune got counted off and we started playing.  But no longer than 8 bars into playing the piece, the drum throne fell apart and I ended up falling straight to floor.  It was painful and embarrassing.  My father fixed the seat they had and I finished my song.  May I say, to this day I despise house kits!


Q3: What's one concert you've attended that has had a lasting impact on your life?

 I played in the opening band before Joe Henderson, Bobby Hutcherson and Tony Williams (with others I can't recall) hit the...

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