"Take Five" Q&A with Cyrille Aimée!

Q1: What's the best music gear or app purchase you've made recently? 

My favorite toy is the BOSS RC 505, or "Rupert the Looper" as I like to call it.

Q2: What's your funniest or worst gig story? 
I guess just watch the video when I'll have one!


Q3: What's one concert you've attended that has had a lasting impact on your life? 

There have been of course many impacting concerts throughout my life so I'm going to go with the latest one : I saw Spanish gypsy singer Concha BUIKA in Spain last fall, and couldn't stop crying for the whole show. She is an incredible story teller and musician. She lives all her songs and gives everything with each performance. I saw her two more times since that one show and have always been so inspired and touched.


Q4: What's a specific skill/exercise/technique that has taken your singing to the next level?

I would have to say the exercise of always challenging myself. Learning new things, going for competitions and trying...

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