All The Guitar Courses You Need to Be a Successful Musician


Chase's Guitar Academy

Chase's Guitar Academy is a year-round jazz guitar program that gives you the live coaching, structured curriculum, community, accountability, feedback, and support necessary to play jazz guitar confidently and have fun in the process. Click below to learn more and see if this program is a good fit for you.

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Dan Wilson's "Fretboard Freedom"

  •  4 Modules with over 2hr and 47 min of HD Video
  • 21 Pages of Fundamental Scales Practice
  • 16 Pages of "Vertical Thinking" Material
  • 32 Pages of Transcribed Improvisation Material
  • Invite to a Live Masterclass with Dan
  • BONUS - Dan's Approach To The Blues
  • Lifetime access

Jazz Blues Accelerator by Chase Maddox

In this 6-Week pre-recorded course, you will completely revolutionize your approach to improvising over standard jazz blues forms, starting from the basics to advanced ideas.

The program was filmed live with students from around the world and includes over 7 HOURS of video and 54 PAGES of PDF material.

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Effortless Practice Masterclass by Chase Maddox

In this 2hr masterclass, you will learn how to completely revolutionize your practice routine in 7 key areas: Mindset & Goal SettingRepertoireTechniqueHarmony & Chord MelodyImprovisationRhythm, and Routines. Click to learn more.

"28 Days to FAST Jazz Lines" Challenge by Chase Maddox

In this 28-day challenge, you will learn how to play the fundamental lines necessary for fast improvisation, based on lines and techniques from master jazz guitarists.

Included with the daily videos are PDFs with the music notation, TAB, picking, and fingering so you know EXACTLY what to play and practice.

For less than a dollar per day, you will finally be able to play and improvise your own FAST jazz lines on guitar.

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Jazz Guitar Vocabulary for Standards - Level 1 by Tiago Lageira

In this course you will learn the REAL jazz guitar vocabulary of the masters through a study of 10 popular standards. Many techniques and guitarists are studied, click to see more.

Yotam Silberstein's "Crafting Your Perfect Practice Routine"

  •  5 Modules with 87 min of HD Video
  • 4 Pages of Fundamental Technique Material
  • 3 Pages of Harmony Material
  • 16 Pages of Transcribed Improvisation Material
  • Yotam's Top Albums for Learning Jazz and Transcribing
  • Lifetime access

Master Dominant Bebop Patterns and Scales Book

  • 114 Pages
  • 10 Dominant Bebop Arpeggio-Scales 
  • The 8 Most Fundamental Chromatic Approaches for each chord tone of dominant 7 chords 
  • 10 Lines Integrating the Bebop Scales and Chromatic Approaches
  • Learn the bebop scale shapes specifically designed for guitarists instead of generic scale books transposed to C (TAB, picking, and fingering included)
  • All exercises are written out for all 12 keys, all 5 positions on the guitar, and with ascending and descending examples

The Master Arpeggios Book Vol. 1

  • 104 Pages
  • 20 Arpeggio-Lines for all 12 Keys and all 5 positions on the guitar covering Maj.7, min7, and Dom.7 chords
  • 10 Unique "Master" Lines to turn your arpeggios into real vocabulary
  • Learn the arpeggio shapes specifically designed for guitarists instead of generic arpeggios for "all" instruments (TAB, picking, and fingering included)
  • Includes a 3-month practice plan to learn the material in 15min a day

The 60 Master ii-V-I Lines

  • Learn How to play Fast ii-V-I Lines in all 5 Positions on the Guitar
  • Learn 5 Unique ii-V-I Lines in all 12 keys so you never struggle with "hard" keys again
  • Learn lines specifically tailored to guitarists (TAB, picking, and fingering included)
  • Includes a 3-month practice plan to learn the material in 15min a day
  • Includes 36 backing tracks with live musician input (12 keys at 3 different tempos)
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