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Jazz Guitar Vocabulary for Standards - Level 1 by Tiago Lageira

In this course you will learn the REAL jazz guitar vocabulary of the masters through a study of 10 popular standards. Many techniques and guitarists are studied, click to see more.

Yotam Silberstein's "Crafting Your Perfect Practice Routine"

  •  5 Modules with 87 min of HD Video
  • 4 Pages of Fundamental Technique Material
  • 3 Pages of Harmony Material
  • 16 Pages of Transcribed Improvisation Material
  • Yotam's Top Albums for Learning Jazz and Transcribing
  • Lifetime access

The 60 Master ii-V-I Lines

  • Learn How to play Fast ii-V-I Lines in all 5 Positions on the Guitar
  • Learn 5 Unique ii-V-I Lines in all 12 keys so you never struggle with "hard" keys again
  • Learn lines specifically tailored to guitarists (TAB, picking, and fingering included)
  • Includes a 3-month practice plan to learn the material in 15min a day
  • Includes 36 backing tracks with live musician input (12 keys at 3 different tempos)
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