Jazz Blues Accelerator

for Guitar

6 Weeks to Take you from Basic Blues to Jazz Blues

In this 6-Week pre-recorded course, you will completely revolutionize your approach to improvising over standard jazz blues forms, starting from the basics to advanced ideas.

The program was filmed live with students from around the world and includes over 7 HOURS of video and 54 PAGES of PDF material.

What's Inside?


Week 1: 12-Bar F Blues

  • Learn the basic 12-bar blues form 
  • Learn how just playing the blues scale over everything can fail you and what to do instead
  • Learn the "3-Step Solo Method" for taking your improvisation from basic to advanced

Week 2: 16-Bar F Blues

  • Learn why the 16-bar Blues will help you improve quicker on the hardest part of the blues form
  • Learn 3 levels of playing over this blues form including a blues melody, a solo study, and a "fast" solo study

Week 3: 12-Bar Bb Blues

  • Learn how to apply the shapes you learned in previous weeks to a new key of the blues
  • Learn the Secret of the "2 Paths" and how you can build your melodic ideas from them
  • Reinforce the "3-Step Solo Method" in the key of Bb (The 2nd most important key for jazz blues after F)

Week 4: New Variation on the Bb Blues

  • Learn about the bVII7 chord and how it can be used in an important Bb Blues variation
  • Apply the concept of the bVII7 chord by learning a new melody and solo study
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Week 5: C Minor Blues

  • Learn a new blues form: the minor blues
  • Work on a melody study and solo study for this new blues form
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Week 6: Jazz Blues Form

  • Learn how all of the information in previous weeks prepares you for the more advanced jazz blues form
  • Understand EXACTLY what changes in a basic blues form to a jazz blues form
  • Apply all of this new knowledge on two more studies to finish the course

Jazz Blues Accelerator Course


One-time Purchase

  • Reignite Your Motivation and Focus
  • 6-Week Program to Learn Jazz Blues from Basics to Advanced
  • Get the EXACT solo studies you need to progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels
  • Designed Specifically for Jazz Guitarists
  • Includes Music Notation, TAB, fingerings, and picking notation
  • Lifetime Access
  • Watch Anytime

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