The Master Dominant Bebop Patterns and Scales Book


Master the ESSENTIAL bebop patterns for Dom.7 chords in all 12 Keys and all 5 positions 

The Master Dominant Bebop Patterns and Scales Book


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  • 114 Pages
  • 10 Dominant Bebop Arpeggio-Scales 
  • The 8 Most Fundamental Chromatic Approaches for each chord tone of dominant 7 chords 
  • 10 Lines Integrating the Bebop Scales and Chromatic Approaches
  • Learn the bebop scale shapes specifically designed for guitarists instead of generic scale books transposed to C (TAB, picking, and fingering included)
  • All exercises are written out for all 12 keys, all 5 positions on the guitar, and with ascending and descending examples

Rafael M.

"Thanks for the book. It is surely helping me. Some points I'd highlight: The idea of covering the five positions of the guitar is comprehensive and makes total sense; It is very detailed in terms of how to play on the guitar, with picking and fingerings."

Johan V.

"I want to congratulate you for the great job you guys did writing those exercises. I've never seen anything like that before. With just those exercises I've enriched my playing and I can't wait to see what that full ebook can do for me."

The goal of this book is to...

...give you a clear framework for improving your ability to play bebop patterns and scales over dominant 7th chords. Why do we want this skill and why start with dominant 7 chords? 


Well, once you have mastered the ability to play the notes that are strictly within the harmony the next step is to be able to create and control ‘tensions’ within the harmony. In effect, this creates micro tension and release patterns within your improvisation that propel the melody forward. This book has you play through your dominant bebop scale in all 12 keys in connection with various arpeggio structures that you have access to in that same position, and pairing with my previous book “The Master Arpeggios Book Vol.1.”


We start with dominant 7th chords as opposed to major or minor chords because they are found in nearly every jazz song or can be implied when not directly heard. Dominant 7th chords are also the foundation of the jazz blues form and I believe that is the best framework to first master on your way to learning more advanced jazz standards because it creates the best bridge from the rock/blues world into jazz.


In this book you will learn your dominant bebop scale ascending and descending in all 5 positions on the guitar and connect it in your awareness to the appropriate dominant 7th chord voicing in that same position. Next, you will learn the most fundamental ascending and descending chromatic approaches for each of the dominant 7th chord tones. Finally, you will learn 5 descending and 5 ascending ways to connect the dominant bebop scale with these chromatic approaches. 


This book is made specifically for guitarists and includes the picking and fingering that I have found to be best for myself as well as my students. That being said, there are places where you may feel a different fingering or picking pattern work best for you and my suggestion would be to go with the option that feels most comfortable to you.


As always, you can reach me at [email protected] with any questions and feedback you may have.


To your musical success,


Chase Maddox

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