Dan Wilson's "Fretboard Freedom" Guitar Course

The first step-by-step method to take you from playing scales to arpeggios to creating lines and then full solos!


"...one of the brightest new talents on the instrument today. Yeah, Dan!" 


"Next in line from that great tradition of jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, and George Benson, Dan Wilson’s soulfulness shines through like lighting in a storm."


"Guitarist Dan Wilson has chops to burn, and he lights the fuse…"

The BIG Problem with most guitar education... (and the solution)

At the heart of any learning journey is the issue of placing your new knowledge in the context of the whole system. This is the main reason to learn directly from a master teacher, so they can not only give you the right knowledge, but also help you understand how that leads to the next step in your journey. Most self-directed learning creates this problem of learning from random pieces of information from books and YouTube videos, and then leaving it up to you to know how to put the pieces together. That can never work! If you knew how to connect all the dots you would be the master, not the student.

The solution to this is having a master detail out a FULL, Step-By-Step method for the skill you are trying to acquire. I'm very excited to announce that this course with Dan Wilson is the first of its kind where you have a master guitarist detail his full method going from scales (Module 1) to arpeggios (Module 2) to creating lines and vocabulary (Module 3) to demonstrating it all in multiple solo studies (Module 4). 

From one module to the next you have the building blocks AND the path laid out for you to go from the theoretical scales to the practical elements of soloing. This course is NOT for those wanting to just learn 10 cool jazz licks. This course is for those that want to deeply understand how to take their playing to the level of a master, by studying the EXACT way that Dan Wilson has built to that level. 

This course is not meant to be completed in days or even weeks. The material in this course will take you MONTHS and possibly YEARS to fully practice and go through, but because it is shown clearly with music notation and TAB you will be able to continually make steady progress.

Keep reading below to see what is inside each module of the course and the limited time offer.


All The Skills You Need To Go From Scales to Solos

There are three steps to go from scales to solos.

  1. First you need to know how to play your scales horizontally (Module 1).
  2. Next, you need to know how to "think vertically" (Module 2).
  3. Third, we put these two together to create lines and jazz vocabulary (Module 3).

The final module (Module 4) gives you the opportunity to learn from multiple solos by Dan Wilson to see this method in action and learn his best lines

Maximize Your Limited Practice Time

The #1 practice obstacle our community of 259K people said they have is lack of time and energy and motivation.  This course will give you the exact step-by-step method that master guitarist, Dan Wilson, uses to structure his practice routine, allowing you to focus only on things that will directly improve your playing.

Consistently Improve Your Playing

Once you understand the structure of going from scales to solos, what about the details? Learn EXACTLY what you need to practice to go to the next step in your improvisation. Dan teaches you his best practice techniques and specific exercises to apply across the fretboard. Scroll down to see the included course material.

Reignite Your Motivation and Focus

The proven way to stay motivated is to have accountability and support. We're proud to say that no other online jazz course can offer you the level of support and community we can. Students will have access to a private Q&A with Dan to answer any of your  questions as you work through the course. In addition, you will have the exclusive opportunity for us to share videos of you playing this material to our JazzMemesFamily of over 259K musicians.

4 Modules with 2hr 47min of HD Video

The course is organized into modules for ease of learning and going back to review. 

21 Pages of Fundamental Scales Practice

Learn Dan's fundamental scales exercises and ignore the rest of the BS out there.

16 Pages of "Vertical Thinking" Material

Dan demonstrates how he thinks of arpeggios and thinking vertically on the fretboard.

32 Pages of Transcribed Improvisation Material

We included 32 pages of PDF material of Dan Wilson's solos.

Invite to a Live Masterclass with Dan

Dan will give a live masterclass only for members of this course and answer your specific questions via Zoom. If you cannot attend, the recording will be available.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to this course and any updates.

BONUS - Dan's Approach To The Blues

For a limited time, get a bonus lesson with PDF material of Dan Wilson playing the blues.

BONUS - JazzMemes Feature Opportunity

We want students of this course to succeed and we will be giving opportunities for them to be promoted for free to our community of 315K musicians, including some of the world's best jazz musicians.

What's Inside?

  • Learn EXACTLY how to go from learning scales to turning that into improvised solos
  • Everyone talks about "mastering the fundamentals", and in this course Dan shows you what that ACTUALLY means you need to work on.
  • Learn the key ear training exercises to get the most benefit
  • Learn how to conceptualize playing horizontally through "Descending Scale Practice"
  • Transform the way you approach creating lines with the "Line Construction" Method. This method allows you to take the shape of a line and move it to any starting note in the harmony, creating an entirely new line!
  • Learn how to recycle your ideas, allowing you to make one line fit over 6+ other chords
  • BONUS - You will also receive a bonus lesson where Dan teaches you how he plays over the Blues form. Transcription included!
  • BONUS - For a limited time, we are including an invite to a private Zoom session with us and Dan Wilson, where you will also have the opportunity to ask your questions live. This masterclass will be recorded and accessible to you, if you cannot attend at the scheduled time.

Module 1: Descending Scales (1hr 4min + 21 PDF pages)

  • Relative Pitch
  • Harmonizing in Thirds
  • Economy of Motion
  • Descending Scale Practice - Major Scale
  • Descending Scale Practice - Natural Minor
  •  Descending Scale Practice - Harmonic Minor
  • Descending Scale Practice - Melodic Minor
  • Descending Scale Practice - Dorian
  • Descending Scale Practice - Phrygian
  • Descending Scale Practice - Lydian
  • Descending Scale Practice - Mixolydian
  • Descending Scale Practice - Locrian
  • Descending Scale Practice - Lydian Dominant
  • Descending Scale Practice - Diminished 

Module 2: Thinking Vertically (46min + 16 PDF Pages)

  • Introduction and 1-3-7 Exercise
  •  1-5-10, 5-3-7, and a Mixolydian Phrase - "There Will Never Be Another You"
  • Thinking Vertically - Natural Minor
  • Thinking Vertically - Harmonic Minor
  • Thinking Vertically - Melodic Minor
  • Thinking Vertically - Dorian - "So What"
  • Thinking Vertically - Phrygian - "If I Were a Bell"
  • Thinking Vertically - Lydian "Witchcraft"
  • Thinking Vertically - Mixolydian - Bb Blues
  • Thinking Vertically - Locrian - "Idle Moments"
  • Thinking Vertically - Lydian Dominant - "Tenor Madness"
  • Thinking Vertically - Whole-Half Diminished - "Misty"
  • Thinking Vertically - Half-Whole Diminished - "Spring Is Here"

Module 3: Line Construction (17min + 4 PDF Pages)

  • Introduction to Line Construction
  •  Diatonic Triads for Melodic Minor
  • Diatonic 7th Chords
  • More 7th Chord Lines - Recycling Ideas Concept

Module 4: Solo Studies (41min + 28 PDF Pages)

  • Rhythm Section Blues
  •  Rhythm Section Blues - Uptempo Loop - Backing Track
  • Rhythm Section Blues - Midtempo Loop - Backing Track
  • Rhythm Section Blues - Bridge
  • Rhythm Changes Explanation
  • Rhythm Changes Playing Example - Angle 1
  • Rhythm Changes Playing Example - Angle 2
  • Rhythm Changes Comping - Backing Track
  • To Whom It May Concern - Explanation
  • To Whom It May Concern - Backing Track

Testimonials from Current Students

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Fretboard Freedom


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  • 4 Modules with over 2hr 47min of HD Video!
  • 69 Pages of Transcribed Lesson Material!
  • Step-by-Step Method to Maximize Your Limited Practice Time
  • Learn from a Jazz Guitar Master
  • Reignite Your Motivation and Focus 
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS - Dan Wilson's Blues Solo Study (only for people who join before October)
  • Lifetime Access
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