Effortless Practice Masterclass

7 Days to Revolutionize Your Jazz Guitar Practice Routine

In this 2hr pre-recorded masterclass, you will learn how to completely revolutionize your practice routine in 7 key areas: Mindset & Goal Setting, Repertoire, Technique, Harmony & Chord Melody, Improvisation, Rhythm, and Routines.

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What's Inside?


Day 1: Mindset & Goal Setting

  • Learn the "Mercenary vs. Mastery" Mindset 
  • Learn how "goal setting" can fail you and what to do instead
  • See real examples of good goals vs. bad goals in areas of improvisation, solo guitar, and more

Day 2: Repertoire

  • Learn my Master Standards Blueprint and the first 50 jazz standards you should learn in order
  • Learn how to identify which song you should start on
  • Learn the EXACT method I use to add a new standard to my repertoire

Day 3: Technique

  • Learn what "good" technique really is and how to systematically develop it
  • Learn why most warmups do more harm than good and what warmups actually help
  • Learn my 3 favorite exercises for developing technique for scales, arpeggios, and jazz lines

Day 4: Harmony & Chord Melody

  • Learn the specific skills you need to improve, what to practice, and how to practice them
  • Learn the 3 things you NEED to practice if you want to improve your chord melody ability
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Day 5: Improvisation

  • Learn how to go from simple melodic ideas to long 8th note jazz lines
  • Learn the right way to learn jazz vocabulary so it sticks
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Day 6: Rhythm

  • Learn how to achieve "Metronome Mastery"
  • Learn the 2 BEST concepts to improve your comping rhythms
  • Learn the 2 BEST techniques to improve your rhythm in improvising

Day 7: Routines

  • Learn how ALL of the previous material integrates into real practice routines
  • Get the EXACT 15min, 30min, 60min, and 90min practice routines I recommend based on your level and current goals
  • Learn how to organize your daily practice routines to create a good weekly routine



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  • Reignite Your Motivation and Focus
  • Step-by-step Method to Revolutionize Your Practice
  • Get the EXACT practice routines to use depending on your available time, skill, and goals
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