I Will Teach You to Play Jazz Guitar Confidently!

Chase's Guitar Academy is a year-round jazz guitar program that gives you the live coaching, structured curriculum, community, accountability, feedback, and support necessary to play jazz guitar confidently and have fun in the process.

Who It's For

Chase's Guitar Academy (CGA) is for you if you've played guitar for at least 3 years and and are serious about learning how to play jazz guitar confidently.

Many of our students are retired from various professional fields, and are beginning hobbyists, or even advanced players in other genres who want to learn jazz. 

If this is you, you're probably struggling with:

  • Too much information to sort through and digest online and on YouTube
  • Feeling like you don't know WHAT to practice to take you to the next level
  • Lack of accountability, feedback, and support
  • Switching between many programs because you're not sure if what you're studying will get you to your goal
  • Motivation to practice consistently
  • Gaining confidence in your playing and having FUN while learning


What Our Members are Saying



Matt D. from Australia - "I think I learned more in the first 4 weeks than I had in 4 decades of playing. It really is like a Rosetta Stone for unlocking the language of jazz."


Michael S. from the USA - "If you are serious about jazz guitar, I'd give this young fellow a shot. Take a couple of pennies out of your pocketbook and sign up."


Joel J. from France - "The first thing I liked was Chase's dedication during the Zoom lessons where he takes the time to explain the different concepts he presents and to answer all the questions. I don't regret my choice to sign up for a year."


Adolfo H. from Mexico - "I joined about 6 months ago and it's been very nice. The community is very welcoming and Chase is always looking at what students are posting."


Max J. from the USA - "Chase is an awesome player and musician. Furthermore, he's an excellent and supportive educator who can teach us at any level...In summary, this is the best jazz guitar experience I have ever had.


Michael B. from the USA - "It's just fun and everyone's seeing themself improve. I've seen myself improve a lot with the guidance I've gotten with the curriculum." 


Phil M. from the USA - "The first few months I was in the free community and it was so valuable to me that I joined the paid community. I find that [CGA] is really worth it because there's so much more individual back-and-forth and I can get explanations about my specific questions."

How it Works 

Chase's Guitar Academy gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Live coaching: 1-2 times per week live coaching for 1hr+
  • Event recordings: All live events are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them.
  • High-Level Courses: Access to the Master Standards Blueprint program, 6-week Jazz Blues Accelerator program, and new courses and masterclasses every month.
  • Private Lessons: Only members of CGA can win or upgrade to private lessons with Chase. 
  • Tools: Get all of Chase's best tools, frameworks, and concepts for learning and playing jazz guitar, MOST of which he hasn't shared anywhere else before.
  • Community: Skool community where you can hang out with other jazz guitarists like you from ages 29-75+ and from multiple countries around the world including the US, UK France, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and more.
  • "Office Hours" Ask Me Anything: 1x 2-hour monthly Q&A call on Zoom where you can ask Chase  questions live.
  • Social call: Every month we hang out on Zoom for a non-business social call to have fun.
  • Accountability: Get feedback and motivation from Chase and your peers on each week's lesson by posting in the community.
  • Support: Get 24/7 support via the community or email/chat/calls.

What's Included?


The "Master Standards Blueprint" Program

The Master Standards Blueprint is the flagship course of CGA and forms the core curriculum for learning how to play jazz guitar confidently.

Each month, we focus on a new jazz standard and learn key jazz theory concepts, improvisation and chordal vocabulary, and study of classic solos.

These are broken into weekly 1hr+ lessons that Chase teaches live with interactive portions of the class and Q&A at the end. All calls are recorded and saved for future viewing if you cannot make the live session.

The key difference between CGA and other online jazz guitar programs is that we use a set curriculum  planned out for multiple years of study going through the top 50-100 jazz standards in the repertoire.

So far we have covered:

  1. "Take the A Train"
    • The II7 Chord
    • 5-Position Chordal Study
    • Arpeggio Line Practice
    • Jazz Patterns 101
    • Solo Studies of Wes and Benson
    • Improvising Etude
  2. "Perdido"
    • The Tritone Substitution Concept
    • The 8 Standard ii-V-I Lines 
    • Starting ideas for short ii-V-I's
    • "Finish That Line" Improvising Study 
  3. "Tune Up"
    • Chord Melody arrangement
    • In-depth analysis of Wes transcription over "Tune Up"
    • 5-Position Study & "Finish that Comping" Etude
    • The 2 BEST Arpeggio Exercises
    • Sonny Rollins' Solo Analysis and "Finish That Line" Workshop
    • Improvising Etude
  4. "Pent Up House"
    • Chord Melody Arrangement
    • How to Create Melodies in Your Solos
    • 2-Note Comping
    • Triad Pairs Concept
  5. "Blue Bossa" 
    •  The 4 Improvisation Approaches
    • Bass-Melody & Chord-Melody
    • Essential Jazz Vocab
    • Secret Jazz Chord Lines 
  6. "Sugar"
    • Blues Vocab & Melodic Minor
    • Pivot Arpeggios
    • Advanced Pivot Arpeggios
    • Charlie Parker Study
  7. "Summertime"
    • Learning Songs in Multiple Keys
    • 5-Position Study
    • Alternatives to the Altered Dominant Sound
    • Benson and Wes Ideas on "Summertime"
  8. "Black Orpheus"
    •  Minor ii-V-i Concepts
    • 5-Position Study
    • Improvisation Study
    • "Finish That Line" Workshop

Other standards we will cover include: "Rhythm Changes", "Have You Met Miss Jones", "In Walked Bud", "Autumn Leaves", and many more.


The "Jazz Blues Accelerator" Program

The Jazz Blues Accelerator is a 6-week course included in CGA and is intended for those beginner/intermediate students with a blues guitar background that want to study jazz.

In this course, you will completely revolutionize your approach to improvising over standard jazz blues forms, starting from the basics to advanced ideas.

The program was filmed live with students from around the world and includes over 7 HOURS of video and 54 PAGES of PDF material.

Week 1: 12-Bar F Blues

  • Learn the basic 12-bar blues form 
  • Learn how just playing the blues scale over everything can fail you and what to do instead
  • Learn the "3-Step Solo Method" for taking your improvisation from basic to advanced

Week 2: 16-Bar F Blues

  • Learn why the 16-bar Blues will help you improve quicker on the hardest part of the blues form
  • Learn 3 levels of playing over this blues form including a blues melody, a solo study, and a "fast" solo study

Week 3: 12-Bar Bb Blues

  • Learn how to apply the shapes you learned in previous weeks to a new key of the blues
  • Learn the Secret of the "2 Paths" and how you can build your melodic ideas from them
  • Reinforce the "3-Step Solo Method" in the key of Bb (The 2nd most important key for jazz blues after F)

Week 4: New Variation on the Bb Blues

  • Learn about the bVII7 chord and how it can be used in an important Bb Blues variation
  • Apply the concept of the bVII7 chord by learning a new melody and solo study
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Week 5: C Minor Blues

  • Learn a new blues form: the minor blues
  • Work on a melody study and solo study for this new blues form
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Week 6: Jazz Blues Form

  • Learn how all of the information in previous weeks prepares you for the more advanced jazz blues form
  • Understand EXACTLY what changes in a basic blues form to a jazz blues form
  • Apply all of this new knowledge on two more studies to finish the course

The "Effortless Practice Masterclass"

7 Days to Transform Your Jazz Guitar Practice Routine

In this 2hr pre-recorded masterclass, you will learn how to totally transform your practice routine in 7 key areas: Mindset & Goal Setting, Repertoire, Technique, Harmony & Chord Melody, Improvisation, Rhythm, and Routines.

What's Inside?


Day 1: Mindset & Goal Setting

  • Learn the "Mercenary vs. Mastery" Mindset 
  • Learn how "goal setting" can fail you and what to do instead
  • See real examples of good goals vs. bad goals in areas of improvisation, solo guitar, and more

Day 2: Repertoire

  • Learn my Master Standards Blueprint and the first 50 jazz standards you should learn in order
  • Learn how to identify which song you should start on
  • Learn the EXACT method I use to add a new standard to my repertoire

Day 3: Technique

  • Learn what "good" technique really is and how to systematically develop it
  • Learn why most warmups do more harm than good and what warmups actually help
  • Learn my 3 favorite exercises for developing technique for scales, arpeggios, and jazz lines

Day 4: Harmony & Chord Melody

  • Learn the specific skills you need to improve, what to practice, and how to practice them
  • Learn the 3 things you NEED to practice if you want to improve your chord melody ability
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Day 5: Improvisation

  • Learn how to go from simple melodic ideas to long 8th note jazz lines
  • Learn the right way to learn jazz vocabulary so it sticks
  • Includes examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Day 6: Rhythm

  • Learn how to achieve "Metronome Mastery"
  • Learn the 2 BEST concepts to improve your comping rhythms
  • Learn the 2 BEST techniques to improve your rhythm in improvising

Day 7: Routines

  • Learn how ALL of the previous material integrates into real practice routines
  • Get the EXACT 15min, 30min, 60min, and 90min practice routines I recommend based on your level and current goals
  • Learn how to organize your daily practice routines to create a good weekly routine

How Much Is Membership?

Membership to CGA is currently $50/month or $500/year. Compare that to the price of weekly private lessons at $50-100 per session with a teacher that asks you "What do you want to work on today?" and expects YOU to plan the lesson.


Or even, compare that to other guitar communities out there that want to charge you $300+ for an ebook and upwards of $15,000 for community membership.

I can guarantee that you can get more personalized feedback and attention in this program than with weekly private lessons.

How much progress is it costing you to wait a whole week before getting feedback from your teacher on your playing?

Members typically get a response from me about their question within minutes or hours, 7 days a week.

How Many People Can Join?

We currently have 61 members and in order to keep the community at the highest quality, we will only be accepting a limited number of new memberships. I'm expecting spaces to go quickly, especially with the price increasing soon.