"28 Days to FAST Jazz Lines" Challenge

How it Works 

In this 28-day challenge, you will learn how to play the fundamental lines necessary for fast improvisation, based on lines and techniques from master jazz guitarists.

These lines are broken into 5 categories, and each week day you will get access to a new line that will develop your ability to play fast. These 5 categories are: Ascending Arpeggios, Descending Arpeggios, Ascending Scales, Descending Scales, Combination Lines.

All you have to do each day to see MASSIVE improvement is to watch the daily 2 min. video demonstrating and explaining the new line, and then practice it for 5-10 more minutes.

On the weekend, your goal is to review the lines from the previous 5 days and make sure you've got them clean.

This challenge is designed for the beginner-intermediate jazz guitarist who wants to start playing fast jazz lines but has always struggled with that skill.

Included with the daily videos are PDFs with the music notation, TAB, picking, and fingering so you know EXACTLY what to play and practice.

For less than a dollar per day, you will finally be able to play and improvise your own FAST jazz lines on guitar.

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