9 Lessons I learned from artists at GroundUP Music Festival 2020 (feat. Becca Stevens, Brian Blade, Camila Meza, and Wayne Krantz)

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the GroundUP Music Festival in Miami and I put together the nine best lessons I learned from interviewing some of the artists, and from the masterclasses held throughout the festival. Quotes are lightly edited for ease of reading, and you can click the artist names below to go to the full video interview they are quoted from. If you dig the content, share it with one of your friends or leave a comment below.

Becca Stevens

“What advice would you give to young musicians?”

  • Say yes to a lot of things early on. Play with lots of people. Have sessions. Be respectful. Learn the music so people want to call you again and hang out with you”
  • Make the music — create the art — that you want to make. Even if maybe somewhere in the back of your mind you have a fear that people aren’t going to like it. At least if you’re making what inspires you, and what you want to make, then you have that. If...
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