"Take Five" Q&A with Danny Janklow!

Q1: What's the best music gear or app purchase you've made recently? 

The best gear I’ve gotten lately has been my new Yamaha 82z Bronze Artist model alto saxophone. It’s truly made my life better in all regards. I loved playing my Mark VI and was fortunate to grow a lot on a great vintage horn, but, switching to an ergonomically advanced instrument has helped in my ability to relax more and still get a bigger sound and more control of my registers - especially consistency in pitch!

Also, my AEA NUVO N-8 microphone has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’m able to get the live gig/recording sound every time I use it. It sounds like me - no innate frequencies that are out of wack. It’s enabled me to record more from home and also to build my virtual online studio and reach many of my fans in lessons from all over the world.

Q2: What's your funniest or worst gig story? 

See #MyWorstGig storyhere!


Q3: What's one concert...

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