All The Drum Courses You Need to Be a Successful Musician


Ali Jackson's "Universe of Grooves"

  • Master the ESSENTIAL 60 grooves, including New Orleans, Swing, Bebop, Ballad, Waltz, Church, Afro-Cuban, North African, West African, Brazilian, Odd Time Signatures, and more!
  • Over 3hr 40min of video
  • 8 page listening guide
  • 8 pages of the transcribed drum notation
  • 16 pages of detailed practice notes

50 Eric Harland Essential Phrases

A word from Eric Harland...

Here are 50 phrases of my playing, from my online videos. Michael did a great job transcribing them. In these pages are some of my musical ideas, knowledge and experience written down. It’s a great source to understand what goes on in each note I play and also in how to apply them in your own unique and awesome way.

Happy practicing.

Eric Harland