"Universe of Grooves" by Ali Jackson

In this new course you will master the 60 essential grooves every jazz musician needs to know, including the styles of New Orleans, Swing, Bebop, Ballad, Waltz, Church, Afro-Cuban, North African, West African, Brazilian, Odd Time Signatures, and more! Over 3hr and 40min of video!


New York Times - Nate Chinen

“The jazz drummer Ali Jackson generates a subtle but irresistible force when he plays, making even the smallest gesture advance his agenda of locomotion."

Carlos Henriquez - Bassist for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra


Bill Muter - Multi-instrumentalist, Jazz Ambassador, Educator

Tom Hemphill - Percussionist for San Francisco Symphony


The 3 Biggest  Mistakes You Make Learning Grooves (and how to fix them)


1. "I just don't have time to practice."

The truth is you do have time, but what you really don’t have is energy when you have the free time and the time you do have is wasted because you don't have a step-by-step system to follow. This course gives you that.

2. You don’t know what you don’t know.

What do I practice? How do I consistently break through my plateaus? You need to learn from a system that teaches you exactly what and how to practice each of the fundamental areas of jazz, not a random YouTube-based curriculum.

3. You don’t have a teacher or someone to be accountable to.

A much bigger part of motivation than we would like to admit comes from being accountable to someone, not sheer willpower. You need to not only learn from a pro that has been where you are, but also have someone that is expecting you to put in the work. The social pressure to not let someone down is a good force to get you practicing when you might not feel like it. One big superpower we have at JazzMemes is that Kevin and I keep each other accountable every day. Think back to when you made the most progress in your playing and I guarantee it was when you were most accountable to a teacher or group of musicians. Now think about what it would mean for your playing 6 weeks or 6 months from now if you had that level of accountability and support.

Everyone knows that getting a teacher to work with consistently is great, but it’s also super expensive. Taking lessons from a master can cost anywhere from $75-150/hr PER WEEK. Or, if you decide to go to a top university to learn jazz then you’re talking about $30,000-$60,000 every year. For most people, that’s not possible, especially in today’s environment.

These are all real challenges with crafting your practice routine and that’s why we teamed up with world-class drummer, Ali Jackson, to create a way for you to invest in your growth as a musician at a fraction of the cost. We took what would be the equivalent of MONTHS of lessons of material with Ali Jackson and packed it all into a brand-new course called, Universe of Grooves, for less than the price of a SINGLE LESSON.

If you want to learn the 60 ESSENTIAL grooves from a master in a way that keeps you making progress, you owe it to yourself and your playing to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Scroll down to read what's inside.

All The Tools You Need To Master the 60 Essential Grooves

There are three steps to re-igniting your motivation and focus in your practice routine. You need to know HOW to practice, WHAT to practice, and have ACCOUNTABILITY and support.

In this course you will learn the 60 essential grooves every jazz musician needs to know to maximize your limited practice time, improve the depth of your understanding and playing and eliminate lack of motivation and focus.

Maximize Your Limited Practice Time

The #1 practice obstacle our community of 229K people said they have is lack of time and energy and motivation.  This course breaks down 60 grooves into 6 key areas that world-class musician, Ali Jackson, uses to give you the ancestral context of each groove, allowing you to focus only on things that will improve your playing.

Consistently Improve Your Playing

Once you understand the basics of each groove, what about the details? Ali Jackson not only demonstrates each groove and variations, but also introduces you to the important background information and stories that only someone with his deep musical experience can give you. In addition he lays out EXACTLY what you need to focus on practicing and watch out for, and includes an in-depth listening guide for you to hear these grooves in action in classic recordings. Scroll down to see the included course material.

Reignite Your Motivation and Focus

The proven way to stay motivated is to have accountability and support. We're proud to say that no other online jazz course can offer you the level of support and community we can. Students will have access to a private jazz community to answer all your practice questions with direct feedback from us. In addition, we will be promoting our awesome students to our JazzMemesFamily of over 229K musicians, including many of the best musicians in the world.

6 Modules with over 3hr and 40min of HD Video

The course is organized into modules for ease of learning and going back to review. 

8 Page Listening Guide 

Listen to the specific recordings that utilize the grooves you're learning, giving you the context and knowledge that the pros have. Organized by groove and module.

8 Pages of Transcribed Drum Notation

Ali lays out the drum notation for each of the grooves for you to understand the basic groove that he then expands upon.

16 Pages of Detailed Practice Notes

We included 16 pages of Ali's detailed notes on what you need to focus on for each groove, written just like Ali would be telling you if you were studying with him privately.

Recorded Live Masterclass with Ali

Ali will gave a live masterclass available only for the first 100 members of this course and answer your specific questions via Zoom. The recording is available for members of this course only.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to this course and any updates.

BONUS - JazzMemes Feature Opportunity

We want students of this course to succeed and we will be giving opportunities for them to be promoted for free to our community of 229K musicians, including some of the world's best jazz musicians.



Universe of Grooves


  • Maximize Your Limited Practice Time
  • Consistently Improve Your Playing
  • Reignite Your Motivation and Focus
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee