All The Piano Courses You Need to Be a Successful Musician


Benito Gonzalez's "Modal Mastery"

  • Learn how Benito plays "out" while soloing
  • Learn Benito's favorite modal phrases and how he applies them.
  • Learn his specific voicings over ii-V-I, V7, sus chords, and more.
  • A 50+min video masterclass
  • Easy to read Note-for-Note Transcriptions (80+ pages!)

Jonathan Huber's "Drop 2's Like It's Hot" Masterclass

  • Learn "Drop 2" voicings for all major, minor, diminished, and dominant chords. 
  • Easy-to-read PDF transcriptions of all voicings covered
  • "Piano-view" provided for the entire lesson so you won't miss a note!
  • Huber provides a systematic framework for how you should practice these voicings
  • Huber shows how to apply these voicings on any tune and his favorite Drop 2 "licks"

Jazz Piano Skills 101

A free, 5-day email course designed for ALL musicians looking to acquire jazz piano voicings that sound great and allow you to play over any jazz standard.