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Benito Gonzalez's New Course Waiting List

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Benito Gonzalez "Modal Mastery" Course Waiting List

Be the first to get access to Benito Gonzalez's upcoming 1hr masterclass on modal vocabulary and voicings. The course will also be transcribed and come with an accompanying PDF so you wont miss one note!

Jonathan Huber's "Drop 2's Like It's Hot" Masterclass

  • Learn "Drop 2" voicings for all major, minor, diminished, and dominant chords. 
  • Easy-to-read PDF transcriptions of all voicings covered
  • "Piano-view" provided for the entire lesson so you won't miss a note!
  • Huber provides a systematic framework for how you should practice these voicings
  • Huber shows how to apply these voicings on any tune and his favorite Drop 2 "licks"

Jazz Piano Skills 101

A free, 5-day email course designed for ALL musicians looking to acquire jazz piano voicings that sound great and allow you to play over any jazz standard.