"Take Five" Q&A with Sirintip!

Q1: What's the best music gear or app purchase you've made recently? 

I recently got this pedal from TC Helicon called the PerformVE and it has completely elevated my solo looping game. Now I can basically do everything I hear from reverb/delay to playing drum grooves and involving more complex harmony with the vocoder feature.

Q2: What's your funniest or worst gig story? 

See #MyWorstGig story here!


Q3: What's one concert you've attended that has had a lasting impact on your life? 

Probably Bobby McFerrin live at some New York venue the first time I visited the city in 2010. The way he uses his voice to translate his musicality will forever be my biggest musical goal. He totally changed the game of what a singer’s role is meant to be.


Q4: What's a specific skill/exercise/technique that has taken your singing to the next level?

Composition and arranging. Developing my composing skills has helped me in all areas from knowing how...

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