"Take Five" Q&A with Damion Reid!

damion reid newsletter take five Aug 31, 2019

Q1: What's the best music gear or app purchase you've made recently?

Best purchase I made recently, was a bass drum hoop protector by Drum N Bass.


Q2: What's your funniest or worst gig story? 

I was in middle school and I was asked to participate in a school talent show.  There was a house drum-kit that I was told to play.  When my name was called I went to the drum-kit to play with a band made up of professionals.  The tune got counted off and we started playing.  But no longer than 8 bars into playing the piece, the drum throne fell apart and I ended up falling straight to floor.  It was painful and embarrassing.  My father fixed the seat they had and I finished my song.  May I say, to this day I despise house kits!


Q3: What's one concert you've attended that has had a lasting impact on your life?

 I played in the opening band before Joe Henderson, Bobby Hutcherson and Tony Williams (with others I can't recall) hit the stage, at a Billy Higgins tribute in San Francisco.  As I'm walking off stage I see this gargantuan yellow and red rim kit ready to go onstage.  I look and Tony Williams just politely nods with his game face, as if to hurry me up so he can get to work.  I've never heard anyone play that much information on the drums live!  Changed my life! 


Q4: What's a specific skill/exercise/technique that has taken your playing to the next level?

Practicing anything I want to play slowly until I realize how it's supposed to lay in time


Q5: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self entering the music scene?

Always keep a mentor or a teacher that appears to be genuine at your disposal. 

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