57 Jazz Musicians Play the Blues

Oct 28, 2023

We asked our favorite jazz musicians to all jam on a blues!  You can watch the video HERE

We hope you enjoy their performances and go follow and support each of them at the link below:

Julian Pollack

- YouTube Channel
- Instagram

Chris Botti

- Website
- New Album!


Dave Pollack

- Website

- YouTube

Ari Hoenig

- Website

- Instagram 

Glenn Zaleski

- Website

- Patreon

Cyrille Aimée

 - Instagram 
- Patreon
- New Single

Christian Tamburr

- Website
- Instagram

Aubrey Logan
Troy Roberts
Ben Paterson
Eric Wheeler
Jahari Stampley
Wayne Escoffery
Joe Alterman
John Lumpkin II
Steffen Zeichner
Joe Webb
Emma Smith

- Website  
- YouTube  
Max Haymer

Dominick Farinacci

- Instagram

- Twitter

- Facebook

William Schwartzman
Tim Jago
Joe Davidian
Ryan Devlin
Benito Gonzalez
Michael Dease
Eitan Kenner

Alonso Umaña Chan

- Instagram

- Dig The Message

Miki Yamanaka
Mike Tucker
Pat Bianchi
Benny Benack III
Dan Chmielinski
Gianni Bianchini
Javier Nero
Alex Brown
Mark Zaleski
Harold Lopez Nussa
Kellin Hanas
John C. O'Leary III
Arcoiris Sandoval
Nick Finzer
Mike Bond
Faton Macula
Carey Frank
Robert Mitchell
Steve Kortyka
Jeremy Siskind
Ryan Hollander
Alexis Lombre
Ron Jackson
- Facebook  
- Twitter  
Keegan Matthews
- Beacons  
Giveton Gelin
Dave Fernandez
Greg Spero
Allen C Paul

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