Six-Figure Audience

The proven strategies and tactics to grow to your online audience to 132K and beyond. We've done it, and we show you how.

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What You Will Learn

Six-Figure Audience is a system for building a real, sustainable audience through a proven method of creating valuable content, connecting with your audience and VIP Influencers, and consistently growing your following.


In this module, we'll show you exactly how to create unique content for your audience with our Mashup Formula, as well as our Content Multiplier Method to 5x your content in the same amount of time.


This module is a member-favorite and the VIP Protocol template we give you are worth the price of the course alone. We tell you EXACTLY what we say to connect with top musicians and artists (and how to customize it), in order to build long-term relationships with them.


This is where we put together everything you learned in the previous modules and show you our proven system that allows you to create great content in less time and connect with your audience, consistently, to build your own online community.

"I really enjoyed taking this course, it was exciting, engaging, and offered a lot of wisdom along with the technical knowledge. I would absolutely recommend it to people (I already have a few in mind that would eat this course and ask for seconds). I have grown a lot and I feel I have new fuel to propel me towards my goals, thank you."

Six-Figure Audience Member Testimonial
Matt O. (Jazz Guitarist in Rochester, NY)

"I wanted to grow my audience so I can get my music to a lot of people, since it’s what I love doing. I had an amazing experience. I learned a lot from the course, and I thought it was very complete. Now I can create so much original content in a time-efficient way, and also learned how to connect with other musicians. I totally recommend it to all the creators out there!"

Six-Figure Audience Member Testimonial
Zé M. (Jazz Pianist in Lisbon, Portugal)

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