Artist Testimonial from Bria Skonberg

Hear why renowned trumpeter, Bria Skonberg, decided to join the Six-Figure Audience course.


This is a special, limited-time offer to you for being part of the #JazzMemesFamily 

One month from now, where will you be? You can either spend this time in lockdown leveling up your skills to be ready to take advantage of new opportunities, or you can waste it on things that won't move you and your career forward.

For better or worse, the world has shifted to a virtual environment. If you want to have more online students, increase your Spotify streams, sell more albums, or let your music have a bigger impact, growing your audience is the BEST way to achieve all of those goals in 2021. 

Six-Figure Audience is a 4-week program that teaches you exactly how to build your online following from scratch, without any scammy tactics or paying for any ads. 

The principles we teach in this course are applicable to building your following on any online platform including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

What you'll get in Six-Figure Audience:

  • [SPECIAL OFFER BONUS] - An opportunity for us to boost your content on the JazzMemes channel where we will feature the graduating members of Six-Figure Audience
  • [NEW BONUS] - We added 4 member call videos (over 3hrs of HD Video content) between us and previous Six-Figure Audience students, so you can learn from their experience and shortcut the learning process.
  • The Triple M Report - Expertly analyze your account to know exactly what is holding back your growth
  • The Mashup Formula Worksheet - Never run out of ideas for original content ever again
  • The Content Multiplier Method - 5X the content you make, in less time
  • The Tag-Team Technique - How to organically grow your audience using the networks you already have
  • The VIP Protocol - The EXACT word-for-word scripts we use to reach out to top artists and VIPs and build relationships with them
  • The 30-Day Content Calendar - Our specialized planning tool that integrates your content with all of the strategies and tactics for each month
  • The Content Repertoire List - An organizer for collecting all your new content ideas

You can take the entire course risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Show us that you did the work and we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Once you become a member, you have lifetime access to the course AND any updates bonuses we add in the future at no cost.

In a year from now, will your music be reaching a larger audience and having a greater impact? Or not?

At this point, you know if you're ready to take action and want to systematically grow your online audience.

The course begins immediately. Since we can't offer the bonuses to an unlimited amount of people we have to cap the new members to 50. 

Sign up below, and I hope to see you inside.


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