$197.00 USD

Harmonic Freedom

What you'll get:

  • 9 Modules with over 3hrs of HD Video!
  • 84 pages of Transcribed Lesson Material
  • Step-by-Step Method to Maximize Your Limited Practice Time
  • Learn from a Jazz Guitar Master
  • Reignite Your Motivation and Focus
  • BONUS - Dan Wilson's Approach to Playing Intros, Comping Fast, and Chord Melody
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What's Inside?

  • Learn EXACTLY how to go from triads and 7th chords to real-world comping.
  • Everyone talks about "mastering the fundamentals", and in this course Dan shows you what that ACTUALLY means you need to work on for comping.
  • Learn how to combine playing lines and chords, instantly giving you much more options while soloing!
  • Dan shows you how to take static chords and move inner voices so they never feel stale.
  • Expand your rhythmic vocabulary and go beyond the "Charleston" rhythm. Giving you many more options whenever you need to comp.
  • Learn real bass lines that will allow you to accompany any musician.
  • Watch Dan accompany a guitarist and a pianist over various jazz standards and learn how he approaches each situation differently.
  • Learn how Dan approaches Rhythm Changes Comping
  • Learn how Dan approaches Gopsel Hymns
  • Learn how Dan approaches Montunos
  • BONUS - You will also receive bonus lessons where Dan goes into how to approach intros to tunes, comping fast, and playing chord melody.