Jazz Guitar Vocabulary for Standards - Level 1

by Tiago Lageira

In this new course, you will study the jazz guitar vocabulary and techniques of the masters applied to 10 jazz standards. This is the first level in what will eventually be a study of the top 100 jazz standards.

Lionel Loueke

'"Tiago is simply one of my favorite guitarists out there. He has a beautiful and accurate sense of articulation, technique, melody, harmony and feel. I am sure the world will hear more about his immense talent, well deserved."

Switched on Music

“Listeners who may not be part of the traditions of the scene will be able to immediately understand the incredible sound that Tiago creates. Crafting syncopated melodies whilst blazing along the frets in perfect unison with the instruments that support him, there is no denying that you are in the presence of a true master of the art.”

What's Inside?

  • Each of the 10 Jazz Standard Studies comes with a downloadable PDF with music notation and TAB along with a video of Tiago performing the study and a high quality audio file to use as a reference for the study.
  • Jazz Guitar Studies over these 10 Standards
    • Take the A Train
    • Tenor Madness (Bb Blues)
    • Tune Up
    • Blue Bossa
    • Sugar
    • St. Thomas
    • Beautiful Love
    • In Walked Bud
    • Scrapple from the Apple
    • Night and Day
  • Jazz Guitarist Vocabulary studied
    • George Benson
    • Pat Metheny
    • Pat Martino
    • Jonathan Kreisberg
    • Grant Green
    • Wes Montgomery
    • Charlie Christian
    • Joe Pass
    • Barney Kessel
    • Pasquale Grasso
    • Kenny Burrell
    • Peter Bernstein
    • Mike Moreno
    • Jesse Van Ruller
    • Jimmy Raney
    • Jim Hall

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